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Next meeting 27th May 2014, in Forfar Community Church at 7 p.m.

To investigate, promote and preserve the history, spiritual roots and heritage of Dunnichen and the surrounding district.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Study of the Cemetery

Thursday, 20th March 2008, 9.30 am
Mr Murray Nicoll of the Tay Valley Family History Society will meet with members to discuss recording features of the graveyard at Dunnichen Church. Please meet at the chuch gates at 9.30 am if you are interested.

Talk by Ms Lisa Simmons

Tuesday, 27th May, 2008 at 7.00 pm.
The Battle of Dunnichen and the Picts
Ms Lisa Simmons will talk about the Battle of Dunnichen and the Picts. After this she will be pleased to chat informally and answer questions over coffee. Business will be conducted between 7.00 and 7.30 pm when members will be updated on the current situation regarding closure of Dunnichen Church. Non-members are very welcome. Membership is £10 for one year, non-members £3.50 per meeting.

St Causnan's Fair

The Heritage Society hosted the St Causnan's toy fair in Dunnichen Church on Saturday 8th March. Traditional fairs were held here on or around St Causnan's day. By the 18th century these had become 'toy' fairs, when no cattle, horses or grain were sold. We used the 'toy' theme to run workshops in making puppets, peg dolls and balloon models. Gingerbread 'fairings' were sold, a film of children's games was shown and a selection of non-electronic toys was available for children to play with.