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Next meeting 27th May 2014, in Forfar Community Church at 7 p.m.

To investigate, promote and preserve the history, spiritual roots and heritage of Dunnichen and the surrounding district.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Meeting, 25th September, 2007

At this meeting the constitution and aims of the group were agreed, a committee elected and the 26 people who were in attendance dispersed to special interest groups. These included

  • The history of the area - including cataloguing collected materials.
  • Creating a Heritage Trail around the hamlet of Dunnichen.
  • Cataloguing and recording the gravestones and related social history.
  • Planning a parish boundary walk.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Inaugural Meeting

An inaugural meeting was held in Dunnichen Church on 28th August, 2007. This was attended by 23 people. At the meeting it was acknowledged that we have a rich heritage on this site and that this should be preserved. A steering group was elected to draw up a constitution and arrange the next meeting which is to be held on 25th September, 2007, at Dunnichen Church.

Site meeting

Norman Atkinson met with interested locals to show us around the site. He highlighted the hill fort remains, St. Causnan's Well (renamed Camperdown Well by George Dempster), the site of St Causnan's Chapel and carved stones from previous buildings which have been rebuilt into a field wall. It was agreed that these, along with the Dunnichen Pictish stone and George Dempster's links with the existing church building would make an interesting heritage trail around the hamlet.

The beginning

A meeting was held with Mr Norman Atkinson, Head of Cultural Services, Angus Council, who confirmed that Dunnichen was an important historical area, worth further attention and wider public interest.